Vrhnika night run

Route 1.949.383 – powered by www.runmap.net

A 5-kilometer route starts at Vrhnika sports park, then turns left to Tržaška cesta. At Ivan Cankar elementary school it turns left to the Lošca where it runs in a loop and then returns back to Tržaška cesta at the crossroads at Ivan Cankar elementary school. After approximately 150 meters the route turns right in Gradišče, then turns right to Voljčeva cesta, Kurirska pot and then joins Idrijska cesta. After approximately 400 meters it turns right to Pot k Studencu, continues on Ob potoku and joins Idrijska cesta at the care home.

At Turšič inn the route turns right to Voljčevo, continues on Na Klisu and joins Ulica 6. maja where it turns to Cesta Gradenj and continues on Stara cesta, passing Ivan Cankar’s birth home. Afterwards it returns back to Tržaška cesta and finishes at Vrhnika sports park.