Group entry

Application form for group entry – GROUP ENTRY


As the applicant of our running/cycling/inline team I declare that all data given in the group application form is true by submitting a completed group application form to email address and paying entry fee. We further declare that all listed participants are healthy and fit enough to take part in recreational run and/or bike climb and/or inline race. Moreover, we completed medical examination. We will comply with all instructions given by the organiser and we will participate at the event on our own responsibility. We hereby waive all claims or lawsuit against the organiser for any damage we may sustain in relation to the participation in the event.

Furthermore we are acquainted with and consent to the filming of the event. All data given in the application form may be used by the organiser, for the purposes of direct marketing, and may be published in media.

We permit that our photographs, film and audio/video recordings, interviews etc. related to the event may be used and exploited for all purposes without claiming reimbursement of any kind. The organiser may process and use personal data for the purposes of direct marketing until written abrogation. The organiser will process and archive participant’s personal data in line with Personal Data Protection Act. We have all the rights under Personal Data Protection Act.